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You just hit the jackpot! We have the best SIE exam prep course available in the world! We can say that with absolute certainty because our course was created by the mighty Suzy Rhoades. She has handcrafted over 1,500 SIE practice exam questions for you to study to prep for your SIE exam.

How many questions are on the SIE exam?

The Securities Industry Essentials exam only has 75 questions. Our online SIE prep course has 20 times the questions on the actual exam (1,500) in the best SIE practice exam format you can study.

What makes our questions so special?

Each practice/final exam question in our SIE class has both a written and audio explanation. It’s pretty obvious what a written explanation is, but what’s an audio explanation? It’s an mp3 file you can play to listen to an instructor explain each SIE practice exam question in detail. Learn exactly why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect.

Can I memorize your questions and pass?

Absolutely NOT! No prep company has a copy of the SIE Exam. However, we have been told by our successful students studying our SIE practice exams made the difference for them between passing and failing the exam. You must understand the concepts the SIE exam questions will be based upon.

How will I know I am actually learning?

If you are going to study, don’t you want to know how you are retaining the information you are studying? With the SIE practice exams in our SIE exam prep course, you will know exactly how well you are retaining the information you are studying. After you complete a practice exam, you will be able to view your exam statistics, which include such things as what you scored on the exam the first time you took it, your average score, and your score the last time you took it.

How do you know our SIE practice exams cover everything?

Our Director of Securities content Suzy Rhoades compiled the practice/final exam questions in our SIE course based upon the SIE exam outline developed by FINRA. The questions in our course are based on the following four sections of information which make up the main section of the SIE exam outline:

  1. Knowledge of Capital Markets – 16% of exam – 12 questions
  2. Understanding Products and Their Risks – 44% of exam – 33 questions
  3. Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts and Prohibited Activities – 31% of exam – 23 questions
  4. Overview of the Regulatory Framework – 9% of exam – 7 questions

How do I study to pass the exam?

Here at PassMasters, we have an excellent video lecture-based online SIE test prep course with over 1,500 SIE practice exam questions. We can teach you everything you need to know to pass this exam on your first attempt. Or, maybe you studied another course and failed. Our specialty is assisting those who have taken the SIE test and failed, in preparing to pass the exam once and for all. Our course includes a detailed study plan that will guide you through the course so you can complete your studies in only four weeks. To learn more click this link: SIE Exam Prep

Learn more about the SIE exam from Suzy

Suzy is our Director of Securities Exam prep and will guide you through an overview of this exam and share with you a great study solution you can use to pass this exam.

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Did you already pass the exam?

If you have already passed the SIE Exam and are looking for excellent top-off practice exams like our SIE practice exams, we can help you there. To learn more about the practice exams we have available for other securities exams, click the links below to be directed to information about our other securities exam prep courses:

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How do you know our SIE practice exams are the best? Check out two question of the week videos below from our YouTube page. You can also take a FREE SIE practice exam to see exactly how our practice/final exams are formatted. Of course, you can also check out our SIE Exam student testimonials. Feedback from real people who are passing the SIE test.

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