Who is Suzy?

Here at PassMasters, Suzy has one goal: helping you MASTER the concepts so you can PASS the first time. Get it? Learn from the best instructor in the industry and become a PassMaster, acing your exam with ease. Please read on to learn more about Suzy and her family history of training expertise.

The OGs

1976 – The Beginning

Gerry and Cheryl Schultze (Suzy’s parents) launched the Portland Insurance School in Oregon, the first state nationwide to require pre-license education for prospective insurance agents. Before 1976, insurance company sales managers, each responsible for their recruits, performed insurance pre-license training.

Fun Fact: The first class offered at Portland Insurance School was Property and Casualty and had two students.

Suzy Rhoades 

I am passionate about teaching!

As a small child one of my favorites things was to go to the classroom with my Dad and write on his chalkboard. To say that I started my adventures in this business decades ago goes without saying. When I started teaching I was often the youngest person in the classroom. Not anymore, HA! That’s ok. Over those years, thousands of students have taught me how to present this complicated information in a way that is accessible to all. I will teach you what you need to understand (A LOT, let’s be honest), as well as exam-taking tricks that you need to know to pass these insurance and securities exams. The real world and the test world are not always the same. I like to think of myself as a master of the test world. Study with me and pass your exam on the first attempt. YOU GOT THIS!

Fun Fact: Since 2017, Suzy is registered yoga teacher! She teaches live yoga classes weekly at a glorious vacation destination.

Company History Continued


Gerry and Cheryl expand their curriculum also to offer securities pre-license training. Fun Fact: The first Series 6 class they offered had over 50 students!!


Gerry and Cheryl sell the Portland Insurance School and move to sunny Scottsdale, AZ, with Suzy in tow (age 12). Sunburns ensue.


Gerry and Cheryl open the Phoenix Insurance and Securities School, which quickly grows to become the most prominent live test prep school in Arizona with five classroom locations.


Gerry Schultze opens the Insurance and Securities School of Colorado, which grows to become the most prominent live test prep provider in the state with three classroom locations.


Gerry’s daughter Suzy Schultze (now Rhoades) takes over leadership of the Insurance and Securities School of Colorado, where she begins teaching insurance and securities pre-license courses.


Originally formed in 2017 to offer exam prep for those in the real estate industry, in 2021 PassMasters pivots to securities test prep as Suzy creates the best online exam prep courses for those preparing to pass their financial services exams.