NASAA Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam

Series 65 Online Video Pre-License Course – $175

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Short course summary:

– A one month Study Plan will be your roadmap to completing coursework
– Exam specific study manual provided in pdf format
– Over 20-hours of exam-specific OnDemand video lecture instruction
– Focused Key Fact videos to summarize every section in the course
– Over 2,300 practice/final exam questions with detailed explanations, score reports, and trackable data

NASAA Series 65 Exam Summary:

– Allows an individual to register as an investment adviser representative
– Corequisite: none
– 130 questions
– Multiple Choice Format
– 3 hours to complete the exam
– 72 passing score (94 questions correct)
– $187 cost of the exam

Detailed course summary:

Study Plan

This course includes a detailed one-month study plan which will guide you through the entire course studies in just 30 days, with 2-3 hours of study time per day. You can also use this study plan to complete the course in a shorter span of time by completing more work each day.

Take a look at the actual study plan for this course:  PassMasters Series 65 Study Plan

So, you will know exactly what to do each day as you prepare to pass your licensing exam on your first attempt. But, what are the course assignments like in our Series 65 course? They are as follows:

PDF Assignments

Each section of the course begins with a PDF assignment that we recommend you print out and read before moving on to the related online video lecture assignments. Most sections are short and range anywhere from 2-9 pages in length. You could read the section on your phone or print it off to read and have it in front of you to take notes while watching the online video presentation of the content.

Take a look at the first PDF assignment for this course:

Basic Economic Concepts I

On-Demand Video Lecture Session Assignments – (Over 20 hours total)

These are the bread and butter of our program. In these videos, our expert instructors teach everything found in the prior PDF assignment. Our video lecture sessions are the closest replication you will find of a live class experience. However, they are even better because you control the speed at which the content is presented. Our video player will allow you to control the playback speed, so you can slow the instructor’s presentation down or speed it up. It’s up to you.

Each video is broken down to no more than 30 minutes in length, which is the perfect length for digestibility. There is absolutely no fluff. The instructor will only focus on what you need to know to pass your exam. Additionally, each of these videos in the course includes closed captioning, so you can still follow along, even if you cannot listen.

Check out a full video from this course here:

Key Fact Video Assignments/Section Review

These videos are short and concise and include coverage of the most highly testable content from the previous section. These videos can be viewed with or without audio and provide a perfect summary of the concepts covered in the section to reconcile all content covered before completing the section review exam.

Check out a full sample Key Facts review videos from Section 1 of this course here:

Each topic in the course and each section is completed with a review exam. We have created each question to be as exam-specific as possible. Once you select the answer you believe is correct, you will have the option to view a written and listen to an audio explanation. To pass, you must know why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answer is incorrect. This is why the explanations are so important. Each exam is launched from a library of questions, so no two exams you take will be the same. Additionally, all answers shuffle each time you see a question, making it nearly impossible to memorize the correct answer.

Take a sample exam from the course here:  Sample Series 65 Exam

Once you complete an exam, you will be able to review a detailed score report, which displays all questions from the exam, and informs you of exactly which questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. Our advanced learning management system will also provide you with the most important data points regarding your performance on an exam, including such information as the number of times you have taken an exam, your score the first time you attempted it, the last time you attempted it, and your average score for all attempts. Lastly, you will see how many questions from the library for that exam you have seen.

See for yourself exactly what we are talking about:  Exam Data Explained

This information is crucial to you to gauge your mastery of the content for each section of the course.

It’s as simple as reading a pdf watching videos and taking exams—an easily replicable format that leads to success every time. Ready to sign up?

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Final Exam Assignment

The course concludes with a final exam, properly weighted to mirror your actual exam.