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SIE Exam Study Materials – All-in-one

If you are serious about passing this exam and are looking for the best SIE exam study materials, your journey is over! Our securities exam prep director of content Suzy Rhoades has created the best all-in-one SIE exam prep course there is. Get immediate access to the best SIE online course now, and begin your journey to becoming licensed. Read on to find out what makes our SIE study course so much better than all the others.

SIE Exam Prep with Suzy

SIE Exam Study Materials – PDF Study Manual

Oh boy, study manuals sure can be boring. Well, that’s true. However, when a study manual is broken down into topics and presented in video format, it becomes a much more dynamic learning tool. Suzy created our SIE pdf study manual based on the SIE exam outline as published by FINRA. This way you know you will learn everything you will possibly be tested on when you take your SIE exam. The FINRA SIE exam outline is basically our table of contents. You can check out the SIE exam outline here.

SIE Exam Study Materials – Lecture Videos

As we have mentioned, studying from a boring old book is horrible. However, our instructor Suzy breathes life into these difficult concepts in over 15-hours of video lecture sessions. Don’t worry, we know studying for the SIE exam is like trying to drink from a fire hose. For this reason, each video lecture session is no longer than 30 minutes in length. Want to slow Suzy down, or even speed her up, no problem. Our video player allows you to control the playback speed and each video includes closed captioning. Check out a full-length SIE video lecture sample below:

SIE Exam Study Materials – Essential Facts Videos

We think it makes sense to reinforce those concepts presented in an SIE course that are most likely to be asked about on the actual exam. For this reason, we have created an SIE review source like no other. Once you complete your studies of a section you will have access to our Key Fact video review for that section. Each review video will include bullet points that summarize likely questions you will see on the SIE exam about a particular concept and what you have to know about the concept to get it right. Check out a sample below:

SIE Exam Study Materials – Practice/Final Exams

Once you complete a section of our course you will be ready to test your knowledge on what was just presented. This will allow you to gauge your retention of what you just learned. Our SIE course includes over 1,500 practice/final exam questions. Each question includes a detailed written and audio explanation which will help you understand the underlying concepts even better. You can take a sample SIE practice exam here, and also check out a question of the week video from our YouTube page below:

Learn more about the SIE exam from Suzy

In the following video, Suzy will guide you through an overview of this exam and share with you a great study solution you can use to pass.

“I passed on my SIE exam on my first try!! If I didn’t have all the help from Suzy and her trick questions, I don’t know how I would have made it!”


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Did you already pass the SIE exam?

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SIE Exam Study Materials – We are the BEST

In summary, whether you have yet to take the SIE exam, or you have failed and are waiting to retake it, we know our SIE exam prep course can help you obtain that passing score. We hope we have the opportunity to contribute to your future success. Good luck!