Series 65 Study Guide

Are you looking for a Series 65 study guide?

We have the best Series 65 study guide available anywhere. Are you preparing to pass the Series 65 exam and just aren’t quite getting it, or have you already taken the exam and failed. Good news! Our instructor Suzy Rhoades has been teaching people across the country exactly what they need to know to pass the Series 65 exam once and for all.

Series 65 Study Guide

Our proven Series 65 study guide has helped thousands of students from coast to coast pass this difficult exam. What makes our material different? Well, for starters it is authored and presented by the go-to Series 65 exam prep expert Suzy Rhoades. She has created an all-in-one online course that will have you feeling like an expert in no time. Our course was created for those with NO experience in the securities industry. Unlike other courses, we only cover what you need to know to pass, with no additional fluff.

Series 65 Practice Exams

In our Series 65 study guide, Suzy will personally explain over 2,300 practice/final exam questions. How is this possible? We are the only provider to include an mp3 file with each and every question in our online Series 65 study guide. Answer a question and just not clear why you got it wrong? Press play and Suzy will explain it to you.

Series 65 Video Lecture

Over the past 20 years, Suzy has taught hundreds of in-person Series 65 exam prep courses from coast to coast. Now, you can attend from anywhere online and watch her lecture classes on-demand at your convenience. Study the best Series 65 study guide online with over 20-hours of exam-specific video lecture sessions.

Does your Series 65 study guide mirror the test?

It sure does. In fact, our study guide was entirely created based upon the Series 65 exam outline as published by the NASAA. Below you will find the four areas of concentration of the exam, followed by the exam outline:

  • Economic factors and business information
  • Investment vehicle characteristics
  • Client investment recommendations and strategies
  • Laws, regulations, and guidelines on unethical business practices

Click below to view the exam outline:

“Hi again! I recently passed the Series 65 using PassMasters on the first try. I also just took the Series 63 exam and also passed the first time using PM. Thank you!!”


Series 65 Student, FL

Focused Series 65 study guide key facts

This exam is so broad. How do you know what to really focus on as you slog through the wasteland of material? Easy. Suzy has put together targeted videos for you to review at the end of each section of the course. Each bullet point is a likely Series 65 exam question, and what you need to know about that concept to answer the question correctly. This is just one part of our comprehensive Series 65 online study guide. Check out a sample video below:

“Thank you for all your help. I PASSED my 65 test on Friday at 4:00. There were about 6-10 questions that were directly from the practice exams, no math (which I could recite in my sleep) except for a question that was 2 paragraphs long that I guessed on. Thank you for your quick and direct responses. You helped me feel like someone was really out there that cared, and believed in me, in addition to the clarification of information. I studied more than any other test I have taken, Life, 63, 6, and Real Estate. Thanks again, I am waiting for my appointment with the Administrator. God Bless!”


Series 65 Student, CA

How do you know our Series 65 study guide is the best? Check out a full-length sample lecture video from the course below. You can also take a FREE Series 65 exam to see exactly how our practice/final exams are formatted. Of course, you can also check out our Series 65 student testimonials. Feedback from real people who are passing the Series 65 test.

Series 65 Exam Questions Explained

Each week on Wednesday we post a new Question of the Week video on our YouTube page. Check out this QOTW video in which Suzy explains 10 exam questions. Visit our YouTube page, follow and turn notifications ON to view future QOTW videos when posted.

Series 65 Exam Prep with Suzy

Series 65 study guide with Suzy Rhoades

Of course, if you are really serious about passing this exam we have a course for you. Join Suzy as she teaches you everything you need to know to pass this difficult exam. Suzy crafted a precise course aimed at those with no background in the securities industry. Want to know more about our Series 65 study materials? Select the Securities Exam Prep option from our available courses drop-down.