Series 65 Exam – Uniform Investment Adviser Law

Series 65 Exam – What is it?

The Series 65 exam, which is formally known as the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam, is an entry-level exam that when passed, allows an individual to be registered and licensed as an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR). The exam is very broad and presents questions covering content necessary to provide investment advice to clients.

It is a North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) exam, and is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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Sample S65 Exam Questions

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What does the Series 65 exam cover?

The exam has four areas of concentration and they are:

  • Economic factors and business information
  • Investment vehicle characteristics
  • Client investment recommendations and strategies
  • Laws, regulations, and guidelines on unethical business practices

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Exam Vitals:

  • There is no corequisite license
  • 130 test questions
  • Multiple-choice format
  • 3-hour time limit
  • 92 out of 130 questions correct in order to pass
  • $187 cost of the exam

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How to Schedule the Series 65 Exam

How do you schedule the Series 65 exam?

Unlike most FINRA licensing exams, you do not need to be sponsored by a member firm to take the exam. If you are not affiliated with a firm through FINRA’s Web CRD system, or Form U4 registered, you will use Form U10 to register and pay for the exam. Usually the exam fee is covered by a sponsoring firm, if the applicant is U4 registered, or by the individual applicant, if they are not sponsored.

Series 65 Exam Questions Explained

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