Series 65 Exam Questions

Are you looking for Series 65 exam questions?

If so, you have hit the jackpot! In our exam-specific test prep course, Suzy has created over 2,300 Series 65 exam questions for you. Each exam question has been carefully crafted to ensure it is as exam-specific as possible and includes both an instructor-led audio and written explanation. What is an audio explanation? It is an audio file of an instructor explaining the question to you in mp3 format.

Suzy will explain the ins and outs of each of the 2,300 Series 65 exam questions included in the course. You can’t pass this exam just by memorizing exam questions, you have to understand the concepts!

Series 65 Exam Questions

Are you looking for Series 65 exam questions? If so, we have exactly what you need. In fact, our exam prep course includes over 2,300 of them. Yup, over two thousand practice questions. Take a FREE sample exam by clicking the “FREE PRACTICE EXAMS” link above. This exam comes directly from our Series 65 test prep course.

Series 65 Lecture Course

Do you need to pass the Series 65? Saying this exam is hard is an understatement. Luckily, our instructor Suzy Rhoades has been specializing in teaching people with no background how to pass this daunting exam.

Series 65 Video Lecture

Have you already taken and failed the Series 65 course? If so, we are sorry to hear that. In her video-based Series 65 test prep course, Suzy provides over 20 hours of lecture on-demand video.

Do your Series 65 exam questions mirror the test?

They sure do. Within our course, you will find topic and section exam questions in addition to a final exam that matches the exact weighting of the actual exam outline. Below you will find the four areas of concentration of the exam, followed by the exam outline:

  • Economic factors and business information
  • Investment vehicle characteristics
  • Client investment recommendations and strategies
  • Laws, regulations, and guidelines on unethical business practices

Click below to view the exam outline:

“I PASSED!!!! I am so excited to have the exam behind me. I studied in all my extra time from September to December when I took the exam the first time and failed. I found your program online and it helped me to understand the concepts. I felt very confident during the exam and felt I knew the material well. The important thing I wanted to share is what I think made the difference for me in passing and failing. I put the teeter-totter on my paper as soon as I got in as well as some other suggestions you made. When I got to those questions I was able to easily answer them without wasting time or getting stressed, which I definitely did the first time around. I did write I WILL PASS THE TEST on the top of my scrap paper…and I did! Happy New Year.”


Series 65 Student, NC

Track your exam question performance

Each time you complete a test in our course your retention of the concepts our Series 65 exam questions cover is provided in an engaging manner which makes it easy for you to track your progress. For each exam in our course, you will know exactly what you scored on your first attempt, what you scored last time you completed it, what your average score is and how many questions you have seen for that exam from that exam’s question bank.

See the graphic below to see all the data at your disposal regarding the Series 65 exam questions in our program:

“I passed the Series 65 this weekend! Because of PassMaster’s excellent study materials, I was able to pass on my first try. I was so well prepared, that I still had an hour of available test time when I finished. Thanks a lot, and I’ll be signing up soon in order to pass other licensing exams.”


Series 65 Student, CA

Series 65 Exam Questions

Are your Series 65 exam questions exactly the same as the real test questions?

No. Absolutely not. Trust us, you will not find anyone selling a copy of the Series 65 exam. First off, there are thousands of questions in the testing company’s database. Just before you start your exam, their system actually randomly generates your exam for you. You cannot memorize any providers Series 65 exam questions and expect to pass this exam. You must understand the underlying concepts the exam questions are based upon.

Are our questions similar to the ones you will see on the exam? You bet! If you can pass our practice/final exams with a 90% or better understanding of why the correct answer is correct and the incorrect answers are incorrect, you will pass this difficult exam. This is why the written and audio explanations are so important. We help you master the content, so you can PASS your exam.

Series 65 Exam Questions Explained

Each week on Wednesday we post a new Question of the Week video on our YouTube page. Check out this QOTW video in which Suzy explains 10 exam questions. Visit our YouTube page, follow and turn notifications ON to view future QOTW videos when posted.

Series 65 Exam Prep with Suzy

Series 65 Exam Prep Course with Suzy Rhoades

Of course, if you are really serious about passing this exam we have a course for you. Join Suzy as she teaches you everything you need to know to pass this difficult exam. Suzy crafted a precise course aimed at those with no background in the securities industry. Want to know more about this course? Select the Securities Exam Prep option from our available courses drop-down.