Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Exam Mastery course.

  1. How long will I be able to access the course?

    You will have 60 days to access the course which will begin immediately upon your enrollment.  If you need additional time to study beyond the initial 60 days, you can purchase a 60-day extension for $25.

  2. Can I study your program on the go?

    Yes. Our system was designed to be used on a PC, tablet or phone. You will have no excuse to not study.

  3. Does it matter what browser I use with your course?

    Nope.  Our learning management system (LMS) is compatible with all of the most commonly used browsers.  However, out of those available, it will work best when accessed with Google Chrome.

  4. Does is matter what state I am in?

    No. Our course will be beneficial for anyone in any state.

  5. Does your course cover real estate state law?

    No. Our content is specific to the general portion of the real estate exam, which is based on the same concepts nationwide.

  6. Will I receive pre-license course credit for completing your course?

    No. Our course was designed to help those who are in the process or have already completed their pre-license education course. You will not earn any PLE credit for completing our course.

  7. What is the cost?

    $49 will provide you with sixty days of access to the course, which begins upon course purchase. If you need additional time to study you can purchase a sixty-day course renewal for $25.

  8. What does the course include?

    The foundation of our course is our key fact videos.  Each video is up to five minutes in length and covers up to five key facts.  A key fact is a statement of fact about a concept you need to know for your exam, including exactly what you need to know to correctly answer the question.  The course includes 31 videos totaling over 2 1/2 hours of instruction.

    You can check out a full-length course sample video here.

    Additionally, our course includes over 1,000 exam specific practice exam questions each with a detailed written and audio explanation. In all, there are over 15 hours of audio recordings explaining each question within the course.  The course includes 11 section exams and one final exam. Each section exam is 20 questions in length and generates random questions from our question bank each time launched. This means each time you launch an exam you will see new questions. Additionally, the order in which the answers for each question appears will change each time an exam is launched. This will ensure you don’t memorize the correct answer but learn why the correct answer is correct and the incorrect answers are incorrect.

    You can take a FREE 20 question sample exam here.