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Insurance issued without a medical exam. For example, if the applicant is young and is buying a small amount of Life insurance, no physical exam is required, so coverage may begin immediately.


A Health policy that covers off-the-job accident and sickness. Most Health insurance is Non-occupational, since occupational injury or sickness is required to be covered by Worker’s Compensation insurance. However, if the insured is not required to have Worker’s Comp, his/her Health policy will cover him/her both on and off the job, which is known as “occupational” coverage.


Insurance that does not pay policy dividends to policyholders, which are issued by stock insurance companies. Stock insurers may pay dividends, but if so, they are paid to the stockholders and they are taxable.

Nonadmitted Company

A nonadmitted company is one that is allowed to do business in a state, even without a Certificate of Authority. Surplus lines insurers are nonadmitted.

Nonconforming Use

A use of property that is permitted to continue after a zoning ordinance prohibiting it has been established for the area.


Any plan or program of insurance (usually Group) for which the employer pays the entire premium and the employee contributes no part of the premium. 100% participation is required.


A lack of uniformity, dissimilarity.

Nonliquid Asset

An asset that cannot easily be converted into cash.

Nonowners Automobile Liability Insurance

Protection for the policyholder against claims for bodily injury and property damage liability caused by his/her employees or others using autos not owned or hired by the insured while conducting business. A Named Nonowner policy protects an individual who drives only borrowed or rented cars.

Nonprofit Insurance Companies

Companies organized under special state laws to supply medical-expense insurance, usually on a Service basis.