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Grantor/Grantee Indexes

Public record books that are maintained in the county clerk’s office that lists all recorded instruments and reference the volume and page where the exact documents can be found.

Gross Income Multiplier

The ration used to convert annual income into market value in appraising industrial and commercial properties.

Gross Lease

A lease of property under which a landlord pays all property charges regularly incurred through ownership, such as repairs, taxes, insurance and operating expenses. Most residential leases are gross leases.

Gross Rent Multiplier

A figure used as a multiplier of the gross monthly rental income of a property to produce an estimate of the property’s value.

Ground Lease

A lease of land only, on which the tenant usually owns a building or is required to build his or her own building as specified in the lease. Such leases are usually long term net leases.

Ground Rent

The amount of money that is paid for the use of land when title to a property is held as a leasehold estate rather than as a fee simple estate.

Ground Water Rights

Water under the earth’s surface below the saturation point and used by a property owner through the rule of capture.

Group Contract

A contract of insurance made with an employer or other entity that covers a group of people identified as individuals by reference to their relationship to the entity. A Group contract may be Life insurance, Health insurance, or an Annuity. Group insurance is usually less expensive than individual coverages. Remember, you cannot form a group just to buy insurance. It must exist for some other purpose.

Group Home

A single-family residential structure designed or adapted for occupancy by unrelated developmentally disabled persons. The structure provides long-term housing and support services that are residential in nature.

Group Life Insurance

Life insurance that a person is eligible to purchase through membership in a group. In an employer group, the employer receives the Master Policy and the employees receive Certificates of Insurance. Group Life has a grace period of 31 days and is convertible to individual coverage without a physical exam based upon current age.