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A specific point used in surveying.

Death Benefit

The policy proceeds to be paid upon the death of the insured. On Life insurance, proceeds are not taxable, but may be included in the value of the insured’s estate for estate tax purposes.

Debris Removal

A coverage provided in many Property contracts that reimburses the insured for expenses involved in removing debris produced by a loss from a Peril insured against.


An amount owed to another.  See installment loan and revolving liability.


A person who dies.

Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA)

Part of the federal Consumer Protection Act originally passed in 1973 and made specifically applicable to real estate in 1975 prohibiting a number of false, misleading or deceptive acts or practices.

Declarations Page (Dec Sheet)

A portion of the insurance contract that contains information such as the name and address of the insured, the property insured, its location and description, the policy period, the amount of insurance coverage, applicable premiums, and supplemental representations by the insured.

Decreasing Term Insurance

Term insurance whose amount of coverage starts out at the full amount, then gradually decreases until the expiration date of the policy. Generally, the cheapest type of Life insurance, but it has no cash value and cannot be renewed. Often used as Mortgage Protection insurance.


The donation of private property by its owner to a governmental body for public use.

Deductable Clause

A clause in an insurance policy that limits the exposure to loss for an insured homeowner.

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