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What makes our Series 63 exam prep course the best? Simple, we have the best instructor in the nation, Suzy Rhoades, who has been teaching people to pass the Series 63 exam for over 20 years. She has designed the best Series 63 exam prep course for beginners. This is a law test! Not a lawyer? No problem. Suzy will start teach you how to understand securities law and pass this exam.

Our Series 63 course is primarily video-based and provides an excellent online representation of a live lecture class, which is where Suzy got her start. Want proof of what makes our course the best, check out a full-length sample video below:

Series 63 Classroom Training

How do you know if an online course is any good? Well, first and foremost, you should be able to find out who created and presents the course. Our Series 63 classroom training online course creator and presenter is Suzy Rhoades. With over 20 years of experience preparing people to pass securities exams, Suzy has created an amazing Series 63 online course offered exclusively on PassMasters.

Series 63 Practice Exams

In our Series 63 online course, Suzy will personally explain over 800 practice/final exam questions. How is this possible? We are the only provider to include an mp3 file with each and every question in our online Series 63 program. Answer a question and just not clear why you got it wrong? Press play and Suzy will explain it to you.

What is the best Series 63 exam prep course based upon?

Our Series 63 course was entirely created based upon the actual exam outline as published by the NASAA. The exam outline is our roadmap, and Suzy follow it to a “T” when creating our Series 63 class. Below you will find the seven topics areas of the exam, followed by the actual exam outline:

  • Regulation of Investment Advisers
  • Regulation of Investment Adviser Representatives
  • Regulation of Broker-Dealers
  • Regulation of Agents of Broker-Dealers
  • Regulation of Securities and Issuers
  • Remedies and Administrative Provisions
  • Communication with Customers and Prospects
  • Ethical Practices and Obligations

Click below to view the exam outline:

“Thanks to PassMasters and Suzy. I signed up for the Series 63 Course and the video’s provided and how Suzy broke down the topics was easy to understand and retain the information. Definitely recommend PassMasters to anyone who is trying to pass these exams.”


Series 63 Student, LA

Better than just a Series 63 classroom training course:

Our online course also includes a full Series 63 book in pdf format. It is broken down into smaller digestible learning modules. We suggest you print each section out, read it, and have it handy to take notes as you watch Suzy break down difficult concepts and make them easy to understand. Study online with the best Series 63 prep book available.

Additionally, our Series 63 classroom training course also includes over 800 practice exam questions, each with a detailed written and audio explanation. We are proud to say we are the only test prep company in the industry to offer an instructor audio explanation for each and every question in our course. Answer a question and then listen to Suzy explain exactly why the correct answer is correct and the incorrect answers are incorrect.

“I passed the first time taking the exam! I was averaging a lower score when taking practice quizzes. The explanations made by Suzy really helped me to understand concepts! Take this course! You’ll be grateful you did.”


Series 63 Student, IL

If you are interested in learning more about how our exams are formatted in our online course, take a FREE Series 63 exam. Of course, you can also check out our Series 63 student testimonials. Feedback from real people who are passing the Series 63 test.

The best series 63 exam prep questions explained

Suzy is often found posting Question of the Week videos on our YouTube page. Check out this QOTW video in which Suzy explains 10 exam questions. Visit our YouTube page, follow and turn notifications ON to view future QOTW videos when posted.

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Series 63 classroom training online with Suzy Rhoades

Of course, if you are really serious about passing this exam we have a course for you. Join Suzy as she teaches you everything you need to know to pass this difficult law exam. Suzy crafted a precise course aimed at those with no background in the securities industry. Want to know more about our Series 63 study materials? Select the Securities Exam Prep option from our available courses drop-down.