Free Series 6 Study Materials

Free Series 6 Study Materials

If you are studying to pass the Series 6 exam, and are looking for the edge you need to pass, you have come to the right place. Suzy Rhoades, our expert securities exam prep instructor, with over 20 years of experience teaching people exactly what they need to know to pass their Series 6 test on their first attempt has put together the best FREE Series 6 study materials for you to use right now.

On this page, you will find a plethora of FREE Series 6 study material resources you can use to improve your understanding of the concepts you need to know to pass the Series 6 top-off exam. Keep in mind, all the resources provided on this page come from Suzy’s online video-based Series 6 study program. If you are really serious about passing this exam, Suzy is here to help. Learn more about her course here.

Free Series 6 Study Materials – Practice Questions

In Suzy’s online video-based Series 6 prep course she provides over 1,400 practice/final exam questions with detailed written and audio explanations. Did you know that’s more than 28 times the number of questions on the Series 6 exam? Below you will find some of the best free Series 6 top-off practice test questions pulled directly from Suzy’s course.

Free Series 6 Study Materials - 33 Online Questions

33 FREE Series 6 Online Exam Questions

Are you ready to see a great representation of what you will see on the real FINRA Series 6 exam? Suzy has hand-picked 33 questions from her online course for you to take for free right now. Make sure to read and listen to the explanation of each question to really take advantage of this opportunity. Click here and select Series 6 to take the free exam.

Free Series 6 Study Materials - 10 Questions in PDF Format

10 FREE Series 6 Practice Questions in PDF Format

Have you been searching for free Series 6 test questions in pdf format? Great! Suzy has gathered 10 of the best practice questions from her course and put them in pdf format so you can view them online, save them to your computer and even print them off if you would like. Go ahead, check out the short exam here and see if you are ready to pass.

Over 75 Series 6 Exam Practice Questions Explained in Video Format

On our YouTube page, each week we post a “Questions of the Week” video with Suzy in which she presents and explains between 5-20 securities exam practice questions that come directly from our QBank. Below you will find quick access to each one that covers questions related to the Series 6 exam. To be alerted in the future when more are posted, subscribe to us on YouTube and turn on notifications.

Free Series 6 Study Material - PDF Study Manual Section

FREE Series 6 Study Guide PDF Section

Suzy based the PDF study manual in her course on the Series 6 exam outline which is published by FINRA. You can view the exam outline on FINRA’s site here. Want to see what the study manual Suzy created looks like? You can view a free Series 6 study material section PDF from her course here.

Free Series 6 Video Lecture Session

Did you view the free PDF file of our Series 6 study manual above? How boring is that? Don’t fret, because, in her Series 6 exam prep course, Suzy breathes life into the concepts that are presented in the PDF study manual in over 15-hours of video lecture sessions. Check out a full-length FREE Series 6 video lecture sample below:

FREE Series 6 Key Facts video

We think it makes sense to reinforce those concepts presented in a Series 6 course that are most likely to be asked about on the actual exam, don’t you? For this reason, Suzy has created a Series 6 review source like no other. Once you complete your studies of a section you will have access to our Key Fact video review. Each review video will include bullet points that summarize likely questions you will see on the Series 6 exam about a particular concept and what you have to know about the concept to get it right. Check out a sample below:

In closing, we hope you have found the FREE Series 6 study materials presented on this page to be of benefit. We hope we have an opportunity to assist you further in your quest to become Series 6 licensed, just like we did for Mark below:

“Upon hearing about PassMasters and reviewing their website, at first I wondered if their program would work – especially after having gone partly through the online coursework of their competitor. There really is no comparison! PassMasters is wonderful! They only provide you with the necessary information needed for the Series 6 test rather than all that unnecessary information or fluff you do not need. They also break down the information in an easy, understandable, yet detailed format. The streaming, class-like videos are relatively short which means you can view one or more each time you study. You also get access to written materials and various options for studying. And when you email them, they do actually respond with helpful information.

I see that they care about their customers! If you follow their recommended format, you are sure to pass the test. I am on my way to passing the Series 63 and now look forward to taking the Series 65. I highly recommend you study through this company. Thank you PassMasters!”


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