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Actual Notice

The actual knowledge that a person has a particular fact; direct knowledge.


One concerned with the application of probability and statistical theory to insurance, utilizing the law of large numbers.


Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. A limited form of Health insurance that covers accident only. It is the only type of Health insurance that covers death. AD&D policies do not follow the Principle of Indemnity, in that they pay in addition to any other coverage the insured has.

Ad Valorem Tax

A tax levied according to the value of a property; generally used in reference to real estate.


Accidental Death Benefit (also known as Double Indemnity). A rider added to a Life policy that will pay double the face amount if the insured dies as a result of accident, generally within 90 days of the accident.


Any provision added to a contract, or an addition to a contract that expands modifies or enhances the clarity of the agreement. To be part of the contract and legally enforceable, an addendum must be referenced within the contract.

Additional Insured

A person, firm, or corporation other than the Named Insured on a policy, or a lender named in a mortgage clause, who is protected against loss by the terms of the policy.

Additional Living Expenses

A coverage designed to reimburse the insured for an increase in living expenses necessitated by loss to the dwelling. This Indirect Loss must be the result of Direct Loss by a covered Peril.

Additional Principal Payment

A payment by a borrower of more than the scheduled principal amount due in order to reduce the remaining balance on the loan.


Lying next to but not necessarily in contact with.

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