Test Teachers Series 65

Test Teachers Series 65 Course – Where did it go?

Test Teachers Series 65 course seems to have disappeared from the internet. There is a reason you have heard of Test Teachers. Test Teachers was an exam prep company founded in 2006. It grew to be one of the most popular solutions for online exam prep for the insurance and securities industries. So, where did TesTeachers go?

The company was purchased in 2016 by a private equity group. Essentially, the company, and its courses, were shut down and its website was redirected to another test prep provider with sub-par courses. Fortunately, the mind behind all of the TesTeachers course content is now BACK! Yes, Suzy Rhoades, the director of exam prep content for Test Teachers is back with an all-NEW Series 65 course.

Test Teachers Series 65

Are you looking for the Test Teachers Series 65 Course? Unfortunately, it is no more. However, the instructor who created it, Suzy Rhoades, has a brand new course exclusively with PassMasters. Select securities exam prep from the available courses drop-down menu above to learn everything you need to know about Suzy’s brand new S65 test prep course.

Series 65 Video Lecture

Have you already taken and failed the Series 65 course? If so, we are sorry to hear that. In her video-based Series 65 exam prep course, Suzy provides over 20 hours of lecture on-demand video.

Series 65 Exam Questions

In addition to over 20 hours of lecture videos, Suzy’s Series 65 exam prep course also includes over, 2,300 practice exam questions with written and audio explanations.

Is this new course similar to the old Test Teachers Series 65 course?

Yes, the format of Suzy’s new course is very similar to the old course she created for TesTeachers. Keep in mind, the Test Teachers Series 65 course helped thousands of students who were having difficulty with the Series 65 exam, pass the test.

Suzy created her new Series 65 exam prep course just for PassMasters. You will not find her course or any of the course content anywhere else. The course was created for those with NO background in the securities industry and is heavily video lecture-based, but also includes over 2,300 practice exam questions.

Suzy’s new course was created to follow the Series 65 exam outline as published by the NASAA. The course covers the following exam outline sections:

  • Economic factors and business information
  • Investment vehicle characteristics
  • Client investment recommendations and strategies
  • Laws, regulations, and guidelines on unethical business practices

Click below to view the exam outline:

“I took your Series 65 course and took my exam yesterday and passed! I just wanted to thank you guys for such a great course. The practice exams online were such an amazing help and your online lectures explained the content with amazing clarity.

Thanks again!”


Series 65 Student, WA

Who is this Suzy lady, and how can she help me pass my Series 65 exam?

As mentioned above, Suzy is the original creator of the Test Teachers Series 65 course and is now helping students pass the 65 exam daily with her new course that is only available on the PassMasters platform.

Here is some additional information about Suzy:

Suzy was born to be in the spotlight. Before graduating from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, Suzy became involved in her parent’s small business which provided test prep and continuing education services to the local markets of Phoenix and Tucson. Shortly after graduating with a degree in accounting, Suzy became more involved in training by founding the Insurance and Securities School of Colorado, in Denver. 

Combining her love of performing (she played Shelby in Steel Magnolias not once but twice!) and her love of helping others, Suzy designs her classes to be accessible to everyone. With a no-nonsense approach, Suzy brings humor and real-world examples to what feels like a foreign language to most students. When she is not teaching students about securities you will find Suzy teaching students about yoga! A life-long passion of hers, she became a registered yoga teacher 5 years ago. Suzy will fill you with both the knowledge and the confidence you need to master the content and pass the exam! She has trained thousands of students just like you over the past 20+ years!

“This was my second time taking the Series 65 test. The first time I knew more than you. I just listened to the lecture videos around the pool. They were perfect – every time a course video ended I would just turn over – perfect tan.

This time I followed your Study Plan exactly. The videos were so much more informative.

I cannot emphasize the importance of doing what you are told. It took me 53+ years to learn that and even then I had to be reminded.

Thanks for all your help!”


Series 65 Student, CA

Series 65 Exam Questions Explained

Check out how the old Test Teachers Series 65 course instructor is helping people pass now with PassMasters. Each week on Wednesday we post a new Question of the Week video on our YouTube page. Check out this QOTW video in which Suzy explains 10 practice questions. Visit our YouTube page, follow and turn notifications ON to view future QOTW videos when posted.

Check out this page of our site to learn more about Series 65 practice exam questions.

Series 65 Exam Prep with Suzy

The old Test Teachers Series 65 is gone, but Suzy is still here to help you pass.

There is a reason that you have heard of the old Test Teachers Series 65 course, which hasn’t been available for years. It was that good! Join Suzy today as she teaches you everything you need to know to pass the 65 exam in her new course. Suzy crafted a precise course aimed at those with no background in the securities industry. Select securities exam prep from the available courses drop down from the menu above to learn more about this course.