Real Estate License Practice Exam

Who has the best real estate license practice exam?

Real Estate License Practice ExamThere are many companies online which you can purchase a real estate license practice exam from so be cautious.  Of course, we are biased, but we would like to think we have the best real estate license practice exams available anywhere.  Our real estate exam prep course includes over 1,000 expertly written real estate practice exam questions with detailed explanations.

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What does your real estate license exam course cost?

Only $49 will get you 60 days of access to our online learning management platform.  You can study our real estate exam sample questions on any device.  Our real estate license practice exams are broken up into eleven different topic categories and one simulated final exam.

What makes your real estate exam sample questions the best?

Our course will not only teach you why the correct answer was correct but also why the incorrect answers are incorrect.  This is so important for your exam.  The questions you encounter on your test will be different from any you have studied.  You MUST know the concepts behind the questions.

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Does your course include practice real estate exam math questions?

Yes, we have an entire section in the course dedicated to math questions.  However, did you know you could miss all the math questions on your exam and still pass?  Don’t stress too much on the math.  It will not make or break your score.

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What else can help me prepare to pass my real estate licensing exam on my first attempt?

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