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Surprisingly, not all states will allow someone to study for their real estate license online.  Some states are stuck in time and require those looking to obtain their real estate license to attend a live pre-license lecture course.

As time goes on, more and more states are amending their real estate pre-licensing requirement laws to allow for the study of real estate online.

Over 1,000 real estate license online questions

The PassMasters program will allow anyone to study for their real estate license online.  Our program includes over 1,000 real estate exam prep practice/final exam questions in an online format.  Our questions can be taken on a PC, Mac, tablet or phone.

Click here to take a 20 sample real estate license online questions.

Exam prep real estate license online course

Our course covers all the necessary real estate concepts needed for the general portion of the real estate licensing exam.  However, we do not provide any state real estate regulation coverage, nor do we provide pre-license or continuing education credit for the completion of our course.

Learn more about the PassMasters real estate license online course here.

Our real estate license online course is for anyone

Anyone who is currently studying to take a real estate licensing exam can benefit from our class.  The more real estate exam questions a Real Estate License Onlinestudent can expose themselves to, the better.  Remember though, the practice questions provided by providers like PassMasters will not be on the licensing exam precisely as seen.

This is the reason it is so essential to obtain as many real estate exam practice questions as possible.  For the real estate exam, a student must know why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect.

A real estate licensing student must know what the real estate terminology means, in addition to having a good understanding of real estate concepts.  This knowledge can all be gained in the PassMasters real estate license online course.

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