What is PassMasters?

The better question is, what’s in a name?  PassMasters specializes in assisting people in passing their real estate licensing exam on their first attempt.  What better name than Pass Masters?  Well, Masters of Pass would have worked, but it just isn’t as catchy is it?

PassMasters was founded by Scott Schultze, who has close to twenty years of specialty experience helping individuals prepare to pass licensing exams.  Before founding Pass Masters, Scott founded TesTeachers, which specialized in providing pre-license training to those in the insurance and securities industries, in addition to offering continuing education.

Founded in 2006, TesTeachers grew to one of the largest providers of insurance and securities training in the industry.  In 2016 TesTeachers was acquired by Ascend Learning and is now a part of Exam FX.

Why was Pass Masters created?

After the sale of TesTeachers Scott decided to get licensed as a real estate agent.  Unfortunately, since he lives in Arizona, he had to suffer PassMastersthrough 90-hours of live lecture pre-license training before he could even take his licensing exam.  Scott quickly realized that the problems that existed in the insurance and securities pre-license training process were also present in real estate.  For example, while covering an Arizona state law related to bed bugs, one of the course instructors went off on a bed bug tangent for 20 minutes.

Another instructor simply read from the course materials while yet another told stories about their incredible career in real estate.  As you know, while studying for the real estate licensing test, you don’t care about anything other than what you need to know to pass the test.

This is the exact reason that led to the formation of PassMasters.  We don’t offer any pre-licensing courses.  However, our real estate exam prep program can help you understand the fundamental concept you have to know to pass your exam.

Here is some additional information about PassMasters which will show you what sets us apart from those other boring real estate schools?

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